88 Keys Presents “Locksmith Music”

We get the new compilation project from legendary producer 88-Keys showcasing new talent for his upstart label Locksmith Music.

01 88-Keys – NutraSweet Noise (Intro) (prod. 88-Keys)
02 Nemo Achida – Memories (prod. Nemo Achida & Clutch)
03 Mann95 – In This World (Freestyle) (prod. Hi-Tek)
04 Little Vic – This Means War Freestyle (prod. DJ Premier)
05 Robert Akins III – See Money Freestyle (prod. EZ Elpee)
06 ?? – Deep In My Heart [Snippet]*
07 88-Keys – Bright-Ass Yacht BiyOtch (Intermission) (prod. 88-Keys)
08 Tre DeJean – Awesome (prod. Canya Reial)
09 Mann95 – Aromatherapy (prod. Mark Angel)
10 Little Vic – History Is Written (prod. Buckwild)
11 Tre DeJean – Youthful Expression Freestyle (prod. Q-Tip)
12 Robert Akins III – Us & Them (prod. Robert Akins III)
13 Nemo Achida – Does It Need A Title pt.2 (prod. The Alchemist)
14 88-Keys – English Muffins (Outro) (prod. 88-Keys)

Download: 88 Keys Presents Locksmith Music


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