Does The Source’s “5 Mic” Rating Still Matter In 2011?

Growing up, I remember The Source was the Hip-Hop Bible and to have the coveted “5 Mics” meant you had a classic on your hands. Former Source owners Benzino and Dave Mays took the credibility away from the system through various means of payola and other acts of fuckery which resulted in Lil Kim’s 2005 release “The Naked Truth” gaining a five mic rating. A total of 45 LP’s have received 5 mics and many were overlooked initially. Personally I think Benzino is the main factor, damaging it’s reputation during the highly publicized beef with Shady/Aftermath/Interscope/XXL in the mid 2000’s which subsequently sealed it’s fate.

Watch the roundtable discussion as Combat Jack and crew explain the madness behind the reviews.

Peace To JumpoffTV


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