Ja Rule Speaks On First Night In The Tomb

Ja Rule Letter From Prison

 I don’t care what anyone says and all bullshit aside, Ja was one of the kings in this rap shit and was winning, fast forward to present day 2011 and now the former Def Jam cash cow is serving a two year bid for weapon possession in New Yitty back in 2008. I can’t recall and artist falling from grace so quickly and to me the Rise and Fall of Jeffery Atkins is very fascinating as it shows all kings lose crowns. I actually got a brief chance to meet with Ja Rule in 2010 while serving in Kuwait, which spoke volumes to me. Below you can read him recall on his first night in prison via a recent letter sent to VIBE magazine.


As I walk through the door everyone staring like they can’t believe I just walked in cuffed from head to toe. Even tho I don’t feel like much of a star that’s all they see the star that has fallen. But as I look in their eyes I still see the love they still wanna meet me and greet me as if I’m on their own personal stage except there’s no screaming fans, fancy clothes & bright lights. Only screaming inmates me in my orange jumpsuit and little flash lights they shine in my cell at night. It’s hard to feel good signing autographs and taking pictures in this predicament but I did it with a smile cause I love my fans and never say no, no matter what mood I’m in after the meet & greet they took me to my cell where I’ll be housed till my court date it’s not the best but it’s not the worst either they gave me some pillows and an extra mattress so I’ll live.

I hate to see any black man in a cage, especially in America but you know how it goes. You Can Read The Full Letter Here.


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