Canibus Isn’t A J. Cole Fan

Canibus Writes About J. Cole

Some rappers just won’t chill family, Canibus took to social networking to voice his disdain for J. Cole “paying homage” by playing song from his older catalog during shows. Biz goes on to claim by reciting his previous well known material instead of his current unknown body of work in 2011 is a “fraudulent” move. I can recall Canibus pissing off A veteran MC on his own track and it ruined his career.

UPDATE: Apparently There Was A Track Recorded Also?, Biz must be dropping an LP soon

Download: Canibus – J. Clone

One response to “Canibus Isn’t A J. Cole Fan

  1. this nugga just became the biggest lame in my book
    just like a bitter irrelevant old head to find something wrong with next gen
    Cole is keepin u relevant fuck head. hes playing the cuts that inspired him
    not ur new garbagio i.e metaphysical, Illuminati ritual, insane rhyming individual, but im…be thankful someone relevant was inspired by u…FAGGOT!!!

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