Fresh To Death: The “Air Jordan” Theory

It’s the holiday season again! I always dread it mostly because I know it’s all an economic ploy, strategically placed in the fourth quarter of every year to get your money. After recent events that transpired this past Black Friday, including a mother leaving an infant in the car in order to get a good deal, I thought American greed in this capitalistic society reached it’s tipping point, I presently stand corrected.

Micheal Jordan’s Concord XI edition of his sneakers dropped yesterday conveniently on festivus and what happened next as shown in the video below, could only be described as niggotry.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

As reported groups of people came out in droves for their chance of owning a $180 pair of rubber and cloth, I know the marketing geniuses at Nike couldn’t  dream of this type of publicity, all at the expense of my people. With various reports nation-wide of vandalism, fights and even a falsely reported death. This is an alarming trend with Blacks and Latinos in regard to constantly consuming never understanding the importance of the dollar and saving what money we do have, it seems we are always in a rush to give it right back to these big corporations all in the name of instant gratification.

“Then I spent a hundred bucks on this, just to be like nigga you ain’t up on this!” – Kanye West, All Falls Down (2004)

I think it’s an internal issue that must be addressed, low self esteem due to centuries worth of indoctrination might explain why blacks as a whole spend an excess off $800 billion annually, enough to accumulate wealth in our communities and heal us of various social ills yet, still remain in the lowest of income brackets . It doesn’t help that we live in a “buy now” nation where people are judged off the image of wealth.

In his book Brainwahsed: Challenging The Myth of Black Inferiority author Tom Burrell explains the direct correlation between blacks and spending habits, “Slavery, oppression, vicious Jim Crow laws, and the government’s failure to assure our rights and safety, solidified and legitimized levels of extreme insecurity. Life’s uncertainty and cruelty conditioned us to grab whatever pleasures we could, the best and quickest way possible”. Burrell also goes on to state “Our history of feeling inferior fuels the propensity for African-Americans to buy name brands we perceive to be the best. knowing that we have been considered less than – less smart, less capable, less clean, less law-abiding, less generous, less worthy, less less less spawned a reflexive need to demonstrate that we are equally (if not more worthy)”

In conclusion, I think we need to get in the habit of gaining gratification in saving in regard to spending, and appearing to have more than we really do. The book Black Economics: Solutions for Economic and Community Empowerment by Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu should be a great stepping stone to us gaining financial empowerment as this crisis is still evident. Lastly, Fuck Micheal Jordan and his sneakers too!

                                       – Knawledge Born

P.S. What recession?


6 responses to “Fresh To Death: The “Air Jordan” Theory

  1. People with this mentality fail to realize that you can still look good and have nice things without spending tons of money. Living for the moment and splurging on materialistic things, spending beyond means, and ‘keeping up with the Jones'” is a sickness in our community. I’ve always believed that more emphasis needs to be placed, within in the black community, to teach kids economics and the importance of budgeting and saving. Parents need to take the initiative to teach these skills at home, from a young age, so that the foundation is set for their children.

  2. Peace! Third is Asad from United Black America. No sooner than i stopped ranting about the brainwashed hyper-consumerist culture we black folk so ardently support that i come across this post. You definitely have a new reader/podcast listener/subscriber/twitter follower! Keep it up! -

  3. Very good article!! I also got some more books out of it to read thank you for shedding more light on the issues that destroy and keep our community down.

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